Adam Wasilewski
Founder & Managing Director


D-Coded International US is a company which manufactures, delivers and installs high quality bespoke millwork, stone and other decorative elements.
We have our own manufacturing facilities with the latest, state of the art machinery and over 30 years of experience in the high end residential, commercial construction and manufacturing fields in the European and US markets.

Our strength and uniqueness is based on full, competent technical knowledge and ability to seamlessly incorporate additional trades into our work. When required, we can integrate leather, upholstery, structural and fine steelwork, artwork and lighting, all overseen by our management team. Our cooperation with other professionals is based on trust, experience and long standing business relationships.

Our drafting department and shop drawings are exceptional, extremely detailed, and precise, further aiding our clients in the design phase from initial conceptual drawings thru the final approved shop drawings.

We invite you to review some of our projects and get a feel for the level of manufacturing that we provide and offer our clients.